Who Is The Masked Singer's Hamster? Here's Our Best Guess

Spoilers ahead for the October 6 episode of The Masked Singer's sixth season.

The Masked Singer Season 6 delivered yet another shocker in its House Party episode, as The Baby was eliminated and revealed to be Larry the Cable Guy. As surprising as that was, I’m not sure it holds a candle to the surprising contestant currently posing as The Hamster, who I feel relatively sure is a well-known actor and comedian. 

It took a couple of weeks to nail this one down, but I feel fairly certain now that The Hamster is none other than actor and former Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Schneider. Here are some of the clear signs Schneider is the one underneath the mask, and why there’s little chance it’s anyone else.

The Hamster looking really goofy

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Rob Schneider Does Many Projects With Former Saturday Night Live Cast Members

The Hamster’s first clue package stated he does a lot of projects with his friends, and if we look at Rob Schneider’s career, that’s true. Schneider has appeared in many movies that starred or featured former Saturday Night Live cast members such as David Spade, Chris Rock, and of course, Adam Sandler. Schneider and Sandler alone have appeared in over a dozen films together, so it’s safe to say he qualifies as somebody who does projects with his friends. 

The Hamster in his cage

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Rob Schneider Has A Connection To Alcatraz Island

Hamster's first clue package featured a poster of Alcatraz Island, which prompted panelist Jenny McCarthy to shout out San Francisco, California, as the area where the former prison island is located. San Francisco is also where Rob Schneider was born. Not much more to this clue than that, but it helps build a case! He certainly wasn't incarcerated there, but I'd say the San Francisco area is a dead giveaway.

The Hamster staring at the camera

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Rob Schneider Joined Saturday Night Live In His 20s

The Masked Singer’s second clue package revealed that Hamster lived in a huge city in his 20s and worked with his best pals. Rob Schneider was in his 20s when he joined the Saturday Night Live cast, and obviously, he’s remained friends with many of those people over the years. It seems like that’s more than enough evidence at this point, but there’s one more detail to mention that really seals the deal. 

Elle King and her father Rob Schneider singing

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Rob Schneider’s Daughter Is Singer Elle King, And They Occasionally Sing Together

The Masked Singer fans may know that Rob Schneider’s daughter is alt-rock singer Elle King, so they might’ve pegged Hamster when he held up that king’s scepter in the second clue package. What fans may not know is that Schneider is also a good singer, and there’s a video of him and King online in which they perform a cover of a Roy Orbison song. In Week 1, The Hamster crushed a Roy Orbison song. Coincidence? I think not. 

I didn’t have the hottest start with guessing The Masked Singer's Season 6 contestants, but I’m heating up, and I feel relatively sure about this pick. None of the clues match up to any celebrity better than Schneider, so I’m willing to bet the farm on him being the Hamster this season. The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more guesses on Season 6’s contestants, such as our best guess for who the Bull could be

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