Amusement Park Employee Lost Her Job Over OnlyFans Account After Visitors Kept Recognizing Her

Amusement park employees are people that we don’t necessarily notice unless something is going wrong. When that happens, however, they are the people we rely on to make things right. Unfortunately, one employee at an amusement park in Italy has lost her job due to the fact that she was getting noticed by guests a little too often, thanks to OnlyFans. 

25-year-old Ilaria Rimoldi used to be an employee of the Gardaland Resort in Verona, Italy, where she made 1000 Euros a month. Since she says she was having trouble making ends meet, she started an OnlyFans account, and she was able to build a modest following, which led to a significant boost in her income. When she began to use TikTok her popularity there blew up, as she currently has nearly 280,000 followers. 

Her social media popularity led to her becoming frequently recognized by guests in the park, and while she told Corriere Della Sera (via Rare) that most people recognized her from TikTok and not OnlyFans, word eventually made it back to her superiors at Gardaland.

This may not have been that much of an issue, except Rimoldi admits that at the request of one of her OnlyFans subscribers, she produced a sexy video of herself in her Gardaland uniform. It appears this is what eventually led to her being called in to a meeting with management.

Gardaland is one of the more popular theme park destinations in Europe, it's home to first theme park attractions based on Jumanji, among many others. The park is owned and operated by The Merlin Group, the same theme park company that runs the various Legoland parks around the world, so the company clearly has a family friendly image to uphold. Clearly, the powers that be felt that her producing videos in her work uniform did not match the family friendly reputation of the resort. 

For her part, Rimoldi apparently offered to stay at Gardaland and shut down the OnlyFans account if the park would pay her what she was making by having it, at that point about 5,000 Euros a month. The offer was declined. There was apparently no need to fire Rimoldi as she had been working under contract, so the contract was simply not renewed on November 27.

Ilaria Rimoldi certainly isn’t the only theme park employee to need to take action due to a low income. Major players like Universal and Disney have been criticized for what employees make in the parks. Though both companies have made some recent strides to pay employees better. While theme park employees are vital to the experience for those of us that visit parks, they are rarely paid as well as they probably should be. For her part Rimaldi says she'll be waiting until after the holidays and they she will evaluate future job prospects. While it doesn’t look like she’ll be ending her OnlyFans account she is apparently interested in continuing to work elsewhere as well. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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