Another TikTok Star Got Dress-Coded At Disney World, But Apparently That T-Shirt Hack Doesn’t Always Work Anymore

Disney World is here to make its guests happy and often that means that Cast Members will go above and beyond the call of duty. Some, however, have been taking advantage of the hospitality of Cast Members as a recent “hack” making the rounds on TikTok has seen guests intentionally wear clothing that violates park dress code in order to obtain a Disney shirt for free. But if you were planning on trying this, maybe reconsider the plan.

It was about a year ago when one woman shared what she called a “hack” on TikTok, where she was told her revealing shirt violated the Magic Kingdom dress code, but she was given the ability to go into a gift shop and get a free shirt to replace what she was wearing. Others have shared the experience on being dress coded at Disney World on the social media platform. However, the most recent viral post on TikTok regarding getting dress-coded went a very different way. Rather than being given a shirt, the young women had to either leave and change or spend money on a new shirt.


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Some people in the comments of the video admit to trying to be intentionally dress-coded in an attempt to get a free shirt. While this woman may not have been doing this on purpose, it seems quite likely that, if there really has been a large increase in dress code issues, the park has stopped playing nice and is now making people either spend money or go change their clothes before getting into the park.

If there really were people taking advantage of Cast Members then it’s not exactly shocking if they’ve become less willing to help out. Disney World staff already have enough issues with drunk guests, they don’t need this. Cast Members have the ability to spend a small amount of the theme park’s money in order to help out guests without needing approval. Some of them were clearly trying to help out guests but they’re not required to do so. 

It’s unlikely that the ability to help out a guest with a dress code issue has been entirely taken away from Cast Members. They almost certainly still have the authority to get guests a clean shirt if necessary, they may simply be using it less often. This is honestly good to see. Treating the dress code policy as a way to get a free spirit jersey is lame. We all know the Disney merchandise is expensive but breaking the rules on purpose is not the way to fix that.

It’s unclear how many people ever tried to do this on purpose, but hopefully seeing that it won’t always work will dissuade some who might have tried it. Nobody wants to take all the time required to go back to their hotel when there are things in the park to do. Even the time it takes to Park Hop at Disney World can sometimes feel like a waste when there’s so much else you can be doing. 

Dirk Libbey
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