Baby Says First Word At Walt Disney World In Viral TikTok And This One Hit Me Right In The Dad

Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World
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When you’re the parent of a new child there are certain milestones you don’t want to miss. The first time they crawl or walk is certainly a big deal, but there may not be a bigger moment in the growth of a relationship between parent and child than when they begin to talk, so that first word is important. You’ll always remember it, especially if it happened while you were at Walt Disney World.

A recent Disney Parks TikTok has gone viral that shows a small baby getting a photo op with Mickey and Minnie. He’s crawling around with his best bud Mickey Mouse, when the kid appears to say his very first word. The mouse is in shock, and as a dad myself, I think I might cry.

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Needless top say, as a dad who is also a serious Disney fan, this is pretty special. Even if the kid doesn’t know what this moment means, the fact is the kid was never going to remember their first words anyway. This is a moment for mom and dad to remember, and they certainly will. Also, the Cast Member playing Mickey might never forget it either. It’s going to be a special Disney memory for everybody. 

It certainly sounds like this little kid says “Mickey” while crawling all over Mickey Mouse. To be fair, sometimes kids do say things that sound like worlds, but aren’t necessarily clear language. But this one certainly convinced Mickey himself that's what the kid said. It’s hard to say that the kid really said Mickey, but it’s equally impossible to be sure that’s not what he said.

Kids often say “mamma” or “dadda” as first words because they are words they hear often. And even if this kid’s parents aren’t crazy Disney fans, there’s every reason to believe that the kid has heard the name “Mickey” frequently in his brief time on earth. It’s difficult to grow up in  the western world and not hear the name Mickey Mouse on a fairly regular basis. And if this kid’s parents are crazy Disney fans, then the kid probably hears the name a lot more often. 

Even grown adults can have emotional reactions meeting Disney characters. I've watched other Disney World Cast members hug Mickey, with a pure joy that may surprise people. In its own way, that's what this interaction was. This kid met Mickey Mouse, and the excitement pushed him to say his first word.

Many people plan Disney World vacations in hopes of creating memories that last a lifetime. That certainly appears to be what happened here. This is one of those iconic memories that the family was probably going to remember no matter how mundane it might otherwise have been. But thanks to Disney magic, the first word is a truly special one, that means something special to million of people. 

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