Not All Disney+ Parents Are Happy About Frozen II Dropping In Time For Self- Quarantine

Elsa in Frozen II

Over the weekend Frozen II was released on Disney+ only a couple of weeks after it had arrived on DVD and Blu-ray. The decision to release the movie in the streaming service so early, when so many were stuck at home due to the call for isolation and social distancing following the coronavirus outbreak was largely met with goodwill from fans, who thanked Disney for making the move, as it gave everybody at the house something to do. However, not everybody is thrilled with the decision to make the movie so easily available.

Because being able to watch Frozen II once is awesome, maybe watching it a second time is acceptable, but there's a point of saturation for even the biggest fans where it's time to turn it off and watch something else. Unfortunately, if you have kids, you know that point of saturation comes much later as kids can watch the same thing over and over again and seemingly never get tired of it, and that's exactly what's happening in many households right now.

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With all non-essential gatherings either suggested or required to be cancelled, most kids are home from school at the moment while most of their parents are trying to work from home. It's a recipe for complete insanity. Under those circumstances, a streaming service like Disney+ must feel like a gift from the gods. Nearly endless content that should keep the little ones entertained for as long as it turns out being necessary.

And yet, with thousands of pieces of content to choose from, many households just seem to have "Into the Unknown" playing on endless repeat.

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Frozen II is a good movie, in some ways it's a great one, and the soundtrack, much like the original Frozen is top notch. Having said that, there's going to be a point at which mom and dad are just going to be done wanting to listen to it, even if they themselves are fans. Of course, if you make the kids turn it off, then you have kids that are upset, and then the noises you hear are possibly more terrible than hearing the same dialogue exchange for the 20th time in two days.

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But in the end, you let the kids watch Frozen II 100 times because it makes them happy and, let's face it, the rest of the world is a massive dumpster fire right now, and you want to let them continue to be innocent kids. Of course, as one parent points out, there's one particular portion of Frozen II that might make your kids want to grow up faster, and maybe that's not the best message right now. Being a grown up sort of sucks.

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This whole self isolation thing is crazy for all of us and there's a lot of downsides to it. Maybe hearing Frozen II for the 20th time in the other room makes it your own personal hell, but if the kids are happy, maybe it's worth it.

Dirk Libbey
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