Disney World Parkgoer Tries To Hit On Evil Stepsisters In Viral Video, Gets Roasted Instead

When you pay for a special ticket for an after hours event at a theme park, you can rest assured that you are among friends. Everybody there cares enough about the event, and the place you are in, to pay for the same ticket. You might think that means a Magic Kingdom Halloween Party is the perfect place to make a love connection. Merlin recently discovered that's not necessarily the case.

A viral Instagram video shows a young guy dressed as Merlin from The Sword and the Stone, doing a bit of flirting with Cinderella's stepsisters. He thinks he's got a shot when he points out he knows magic, but then they drop the mic on him because, while they may be looking for suitors, they do have standards.

The reason the burn is so perfect is because this wasn't quite the random encounter that it might appear to be at first glance. The video is from digital creator Jonathan Crichton, who has a significant following on social media and focuses on Disney related content. About a week prior to this Crichton had posted a picture of himself next to Magic Kingdom's version of the Sword in the Stone, with a joke about his "infernal beard" got in the way of him pulling it out. The last time somebody in a Disney Park was successful pulling the sword, it didn't actually go well. 

The woman in the video clearly knew who he was from the previous post, the person filming everything that was happening may have tipped her off, and he wasn't quite ready for that. From that perspective what comes across as a burn is actually a significant compliment. It had to be cool to realize that the stranger he didn't know was aware of his content (it's pretty cool when that happens to me). It's also still a hilarious burn. This wouldn't have been out of place coming from the actual characters in the park.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is an event that closes Magic Kingdom early to regular guests, and requires an additional ticket to stay late, wander the park in costume, see unique Disney characters and parades, and just generally have a fun time. Disneyland Resort has a similar event called the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure.

There are a lot of people in Florida trying to build a brand and a make a living out of making content around Walt Disney World, and it's difficult for any of them to get noticed when they're surrounded by so many others. Still, this guy is clearly making it work, and videos like this will only help.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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