Walt Disney World Cast Member Fired For TikTok Videos Has An Update, But It's Not Good News

Walt Disney World is the largest single employer in the state of Florida, countless people make a living from the massive theme park resort. But even on top of all those who actually work for the mouse, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who make a living creating content based on the parks. Whether it's Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok, a lot of people have built careers out of Disney World. However, one young man who built a strong social media following on TikTok while actually being a cast member at the park will need to find a new home for content. First he lost his job, now, he's been banned for life from the property.

Jason Jeter has nearly a million followers on TikTok. Many of them came following a video that went viral where he wandered around Disney Springs doing taste tests of all the water options at the shopping and dining facility, including taking drinks from public fountains and other ornamental displays. Jeter reportedly ended up being fired from his job as a cast member due to his videos, but that only seemed to increase his stature, and he continued to make content at both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. But now he says Disney World has banned him for life.


It was made clear when Jeter was fired that Disney didn't like the videos he was making. The two videos made prior to his firing were the one where he drank water from fountains, and another where he recorded himself entering a Disney World wedding chapel while it was closed, the door having been apparently left unlocked. It's clear that the company didn't like what the man was making, and when he continued to make similar videos, the decision was made to remove him from the property.

While most of the videos that have been published on the TikTok account aren't that bad, there are several where he goes places he shouldn't and talks about things going on backstage, which are probably not the sorts of things the park wants getting out publicly. Plenty of people have vlogs that live off of Disney World and while there are plenty of reasons they're likely a headache for the park, most people don't get banned, so this was clearly a step too far.

According to Jeter his ban is for life. Disney World could have chosen to only ban him for a set period of time, but apparently decided not to go that route. He now joins a dubious list of people who have been likewise banned. Those that have literally trespassed on property, assaulted cast members, or in recent months, refused to wear a mask while inside the parks, are among those that have tend to get the boot.

While the ban is officially set for life, those that have been banned to have the ability to appeal that decision to the park. And reportedly, some lifetime bans have eventually been lifted, but even a best case scenario here means this guys won't be visiting Mickey and Minnie for a few years.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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