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This Week In Wild Disney Parks Guest Hijinks: See A Guest Climb Into A Fountain And Pretend To Be Part Of The Scenery

Minnie Mouse at Tokyo Disney Resort
(Image credit: Tokyo Disney Resort)

Theme parks are supposed to be fun places where you can just relax and do what you like. But let’s be honest, some people take this a bit too literally. From people who jump off of Epcot rides to steal vegetables to people who jump off of Universal Studios rides to retrieve their sunglasses, people seem to get the impression that because they paid to be in a theme park they can just do what they like. On the plus side, it often makes for fun video to watch.

Today’s example of somebody having possibly a bit too much fun at a theme park comes to us from the Tokyo Disney Resort, where one fan decided to briefly become part of the scenery, by becoming part of a fountain in the Arabian Coast area at Tokyo DisneySea. The clip posted to Twitter has gone viral.

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There are no details in the tweet about what happened to this young man, but one can assume that if a DisneySea employee saw them do that, they were asked to leave the park. This probably isn’t the sort of move to get somebody banned from the park, but there’s usually very little tolerance for guests going where they are not supposed to be.

At the same time, Tokyo Disney Resort isn’t run by The Walt Disney Company. It’s run by The Oriental Land Company, with all things Disney used under license and contracts in place to work with Walt Disney Imagineering  As such, these sorts of shenanigans by guests could be handled differently. 

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park built outside of the United States, and was built as a near carbon copy of Disneyland, though it is about to get its own brand new Tomorrowland. In 2001 work was completed on a second park, Tokyo DisneySea. It used a number of concepts that had originally been conceived for Disneyland’s second gate ideas for Port Disney and Westcot. 

Disney originally found the ideas too expensive, but money has never been an issue for the Oriental Land Company. As a result Tokyo DisneySea is widely considered as the best Disney park, and possibly the best theme park, in the world. 

Generally speaking we don’t see guests at Tokyo Disney Resort getting up to the sorts of trouble that get them removed from the park the way that we do domestically. That may simply be because that sort of news doesn’t always reach us, but even among international Disney parks, Disneyland Paris tends to be the place where, for example, people get high and go swimming. I’m fairly certain there was a ban involved in that little escapade. Although, that's not to say Walt Disney World doesn’t have it’s own LSD inspired incidents.

Dirk Libbey
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