Toddler Meets Evil Queen From Snow White At Disneyland In Viral TikTok, And It's Too Much To Handle

Evil Queen in original Disney Snow White animated film
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Ever since costumed characters were allowed to get close to guests again at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World we’ve seen numerous guests as well as cast members have emotional reactions to Mickey and Minnie and Goofy. However, in those cases the emotion in question is one of joy. One kid recently had a run in with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Evil Queen and had a very different reaction. She screamed in apparent terror, repeatedly.

The TikTok video is actually a lot more adorable than it sounds, at least from the outside. The poor Cast Member paying the Evil Queen isn’t sure what to do with this kid who just screams at her over and over again. She doesn’t actually seem that afraid, she doesn’t run away. Maybe she’s actually really excited to meet her favorite Disney villain? Give it a look and see what you think. 


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The Evil Queen here has probably seen more than her share of kids in various stages of emotional breakdown. She handles the kid well, having fun with the screaming, since beyond that the kid doesn’t seem all that upset. It’s just impressive what a set of lungs the kid has. She screams at the top of her lungs again and again, even the Evil Queen is impressed with how long it goes on, and she never loses her cool.

At the end of the day, she’s playing a villain, so one expects a certain amount of children to freak out in fear rather than joy when they see her. It’s still not entirely clear what emotion is on display here. It’s possibly both, there are a couple moments that sounds like laughing as much as screaming. Maybe the kid thought she was meeting Gal Gadot, who is set to play the queen n the forthcoming live-action Snow White.

Ultimately, however, this is a kid meeting a Disney character in real life and having a reaction to that. We’ve seen a lot of that over the last couple months now that face-to-face character interactions are back in the parks. And there are surely those for whom meeting the Evil Queen and getting a picture will be quite special. The Disney villains usually have to wait for Halloween to really get their due, but they will always have their fans who prefer the villain to the hero. 

Some who have had emotional reactions to meeting Disney characters have been given a hard time about it. Whatever their emotional reaction is, it’s just great to see people having these interactions with the characters at the Disney Parks. These moments clearly matter to people, and whether a character fills you with tears of joy or tears of terror, they are truly making as difference in the experience.

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