Universal Just Solidly Roasted Disney Parkgoers Who Have Been Trying To Sell Splash Mountain Water

Disney has been making some groundbreaking changes at its major U.S. theme parks, and that continued with the announcement the company would be retheming the long-time favorite Splash Mountain ride. With fans and frequent Disney parkgoers mourning the loss of what, to some, is a source of some of the fondest memories, people have been trying to sell water they bottled from the now-closed Disney World ride. Universal, being the ever-sassy brand it is, has responded to the selling of Splash Mountain water and it’s a pretty solid roast.

Universal never really misses an opportunity to poke some fun at Disney, as one of its main competitors in both the entertainment industry and their theme parks, being practically neighbors in both Florida and Los Angeles. Universal’s media team have been quick to respond in a punny way to big Disney announcements, especially since Universal Parks and Resorts have their own huge expansion on the way.

Universal has now continued its friendly, mostly one-sided poke war with Disney by roasting the many bottles of water for sale online that come from Disney World’s now-closed Splash Mountain ride. The big name entertainment brand retweeted one of its own nearly 2-year-old tweets that centers on one of its own water park rides, saying the water is not only not for drinking, but now not for selling, either. Take a look at the shade in the post below:

The post shows Universal Studios’ Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls ride, which is still very much in active duty at the theme park’s Florida location. The water ride is one of the park’s original rides, which correlates well to Disney’s Splash Mountain; though Disney’s Splash Mountain may not have been one of the first rides at the park, it has been around about a decade longer than Ripsaw Falls, so it too had a fanbase.

Bottled - or even bagged - water from Splash Mountain is listed anywhere from $20 to a couple hundred dollars on selling sites like eBay. There are even a couple listings that have a number of bids up in the thousands, however it appears as though sellers are having success at getting rid of jars full of water at around $35 a pop. 

Even though some people have been able to take advantage of the ride closing down to make a profit, the ride isn’t done for good. In fact, it is getting a complete make-over as it is being reimagined with Princess Tatiana in mind

Though there is not yet a speculated date for the new ride, Tiana's Bayou Adventure, to be completed and reopened, fans of the classic attraction can still catch a ride down the falls in Disneyland, as the attraction does not yet have an official close date - even though it has been promised to have its final ride soon. Hopefully in the time it takes to officially close the other Splash Mountain, Universal will come out with some more zingers directed toward the park. 

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