Avatar: The Way Of Water's Trailer Debuts Stunning Underwater Footage, Introduces New Creatures Of Pandora

As we get closer to closing out 2022’s box office year, there’s still a handful of hotly anticipated blockbusters on the way to the movies. Perhaps the next candidate for such an honor is Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which will undoubtedly help Disney set up another upcoming movie looking to strike it big: James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water. A new trailer has arrived to do just that, and debuted stunning underwater footage while introducing new creatures of Pandora.

Fresh from 20th Century Studios’ marketing department, Avatar 2 has shown more of itself off to the world in this latest round of footage. As you can see above, all that underwater shooting looks like it's going to pay off for the cast and crew. What's more, it looks like the Na'vi will get new water creatures to ride throughout its long runtime. Indeed, a number of the planet's underwater denizens are shown throughout this intriguing trailer. 

For a movie that even James Cameron had some minor concerns about, Avatar: The Way of Water looks as confident as ever yet again. That works in this film’s favor too, especially since it’s been over a decade since the original Avatar was first released to theaters. As the remastered version of Cameron’s 2009 record setter showed off some dazzling footage of Avatar 2, the nostalgia campaign seems to have gotten off to a promising start.

Reminding audiences why they loved going to Pandora in the first place is going to be crucial if lightning is going to strike like it did so long ago. Thanks to Avatar: The Way of Water’s alleged 3 hours and change runtime, turning out a massive Marvel style hit is going to be even more of a challenge. Although, this is a James Cameron film, and the man has been able to become the king of the box office with lengthy cinematic experiences. 

But perhaps we could all of those caveats and worries away. This latest highlight reel from Avatar 2 showed off stunning footage, but didn't reveal much about the movie's plot. Almost all the footage was about the Na'vi, rather than their enemies at RDA returning to Pandora. Actor Stephen Lang was missing, who is expected to return despite his character's apparent death in the first movie. 

Avatar: The Way of Water will ride the tide of anticipation into theaters, starting December 16th. While the original film was previously pulled from streaming in honor of the remastered version, you can bet that a Disney+ subscription will be required once that movie returns. Luckily for fans they can step back into Pandora through the Disney parks, which feature unbelievable Na'vi animatronics and let you personally ride a banshee through the skies.

Avatar 2 will hit theaters on December 16th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Mike Reyes
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