Ten brand new international character posters for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer have popped up over at Marvel.com. Well ok, it’s not really ten different posters. More like five posters in two different sizes each.

Most of them look pretty good, but the one for the invisible woman makes it look like Jessica Alba has left the film and been replaced by Angelina Jolie. Or maybe they’ve brought in some bad Euro-trash impersonator to replace her. She is in the sequel right? Man that looks bizarre. My theory is that overseas the character has been recast and digitally modified to fit the ethnicity of whatever country the film is playing it.

Check out the freaky looking Invisible Woman poster to your right, but to see them all in high-res you’ll have to click over to Marvel here.

So far, director Tim Story’s Fantastic Four 2 has looked big on promises and short on delivery. If Marvel had any sense, they’d make these more widely available rather than just hoarding them on their site. Aside from the weird Alba poster, the rest are pretty cool and FF2 could really use some good buzz from something after all the disappointment over Galactus being a stupid rain cloud and rumors of poorly received test screenings. But, they’re more interested in bringing traffic to their website than promoting their movie. And who can blame them? I’m sure those Adsense ads pay crazy money. Certainly more than they could ever make off of a big-budget, summer superhero movie. Any daynow I'm going to make millions off my Adsense ads too, and buy all of you blue and orange Cinema Blend Ferraris.

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