Rumors have abounded for years of a possible Vega Brothers movie from Quentin Tarantino. Who are the Vega Brothers? Ahhh, you didn’t notice that Vincent (John Travolta) in Pulp Fiction and Vic (Michael Madsen) in Reservoir Dogs shared the same last name? Tarantino did this intentionally with the hopes of a possible movie with the brothers united. Of course, it must be a prequel since both met a bloody ending in their respective movies.Alas, the rumor died and Tarantino went on to make Jackie Brown and then Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2..

The rumor returned in Rolling Stone magazine this past April after quoting Tarantino at a Kill Bill press junket. Tarantino told the magazine that he planeed on a straight forward action movie, probably the rumored Inglorious Bastards, and the Vega Brothers movie.

Tarantino stated, “It’s a sequel and it’s a prequel. It’s the Vega Brothers, played by Michael Madsen and John Travolta. I have been trying to do it for years and the more time I take, the older these two guys get. But I’ve come up with an idea that won’t much matter how much they age.... It’s just going to be John and Michael, and I hope to make this my next movie. We’re laying down the pipework for it now.”

4 months of silence on this project followed until this past weekend. Tarantino is busy hosting an Italian B-Movies retrospective at the Venice Film Festival and John Travolta happens to be there as well. In an interview with La Repubblica newspaper, Travolta said “Every six months he calls me to talk about a project on the story of the Vega brothers—a type of prequel to Pulp Fiction,” Travolta said, “[and] then it all remains in his mind.”

Travolta seemed to express doubts in it being made because he said “[Tarantino and I] worked together in tight times [and] now he makes films for millions of dollars. I don’t know if I’d still be OK for him”

Okay let’s stop here for a second. One, people who star in The Punisher and Battlefield Earth really shouldn’t be so negative when it comes to a movie you actually could be good in. To be fair, it’s probably rather tough to deal with Tarantino. His spastic superball-like personality makes him tough to keep still long enough to finish a project, hence the huge delays between his last movies. However, I’m starting to think this will happen.

More importantly, do we want to see this? I’d wager that the answer is yes as long as we don’t turn these guys into comic relief. I say keep em killing and keep em dancing!

However, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the movie hitting theatres anytime soon. Bastards is probably closer to beginning production and if the idea for the Vega Brothers is still in his head, it could be awhile. But, I have a feeling that Tarantino fans have gotten used to the idea of waiting on the next QT project.

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