BioShock 2 Trailer Revealed

By Pete Haas 8 years ago discussion comments
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Those of us who didn't think checking out the new PS3 port of BioShock was worth the time were apparently wrong. It seems that beating the game unlocks a trailer for a game called...BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams.

Below is the YouTube video that was posted at N4G. It was shot with a cell phone camera so excuse the crappy quality. The teaser trailer shows a beach on the Atlantic Coast, with a doll of a Big Daddy dangling in the foreground. The camera pans out to reveal the doll is being held by what appears to be a grown Little Sister. She's looking out into the ocean and suddenly pillars of sand begin to rise behind her. Slowly the pillars begin to take form - they resemble the buildings of Rapture. Cue the title.

Artsy, huh? There's no mention of a release date or anything like that - as with any teaser trailer, the idea is to grab your attention and announce a game rather than give the slightest bit of information. My English lit analysis skillz are a bit rusty but at a bare minimum, the video seems to imply that the next game will take place on land. SPOILER: Also, if that's one of the Little Sisters from Rapture (and not a new group of them), it means that the sequel will be using the "good ending" from BioShock (where the main character saved them) or at least a combination of that and the "bad ending" (where the main character and some splicer thugs seized a submarine with nuclear weapons).

Well, we already knew 2K was working on this but it's nice to see they've spit out something to whet our appetites. Hopefully this trailer isn't a fake or it would shatter the ironclad credibility the Internet has built up over the years.

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