Nintendo Weekly Update Brings GBA Games To Wii U

By Ryan Winslett 2014-04-04 11:28:13 discussion comments
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Itís a big day for the Wii U as Nintendoís home console finally adds Game Boy Advance titles to the Virtual Console, kicking things off with Samus, Mario and a bunch of peppy kids with a good mind for open warfare.

I usually have a lot of negative things to say about Nintendoís weekly updates because, letís face it, theyíre usually about as interesting as cold oatmeal. Unless you like cold oatmeal, in which case we can no longer be considered friends. Back on topic, though, this weekís regular update remains a bit lackluster, but the same certainly cannot be said about the Wii U Virtual Consoleís crop of new games, featuring three GBA games that fans of portable gaming will want to pay extra special attention to.

I shouldnít just say ďportable gaming,Ē as these games can and should be enjoyed by everyone. Metroid Fusion is a wonderfully crafted retelling of the original game in the series (and a whole lot more), and it can be yours through the Wii U VC for just eight bucks. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is an equally fantastic GBA game, as is the strategic battle game, Advance Wars, both of which are also going for just $8.

As we reported last week, this is just the beginning of Nintendoís push to bring GBA games to the Wii U in April with more titles expected each week throughout the month. And it looks like the momentum will be carrying over into May, too, as rumors are now circulating that Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow will be hitting the service next month. In other words, Nintendo isnít messing around when it comes to their GBA library. All announced titles so far are what I would consider classics, and should bolster the struggling consoleís library nicely. Once again, Iíd much prefer if these games were also being made available on the 3DS to boot, but thatís a whole different rant that I wonít trouble you readers with for the dozenth time.

The Wii U is also getting a couple of additional games, including Evofish and the formerly portable exclusive, Batman: Arkham Orgins Blackgate. This side-scrolling, Metroidvania take on the Arkham series combines 2D action with the seriesí trademark battle system and lovely gadgets, all for $20 on the Wii U.

The 3DS is getting a handful of new titles this week, too, beginning with a pair of new Mystery Case Files games, Ravenhearst and Dire Grove. You can also get your hands on Super Monkey Ball 3D for a rolling good time, or Rustyís Real Deal Baseball for an initial price of zero dollars. Basically, you download the game for free, take part in a couple of activities to get Rusty to like you, then you can haggle with him over the price of mini-games you can buy for actual money.

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