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Nintendo Felt The Need To Clarify How Mario Controls Things In Super Mario Odyssey

During the E3 demonstration of Super Mario Odyssey gamers were given their first glimpse at how Mario and Cappy go about getting things done in the open-world, 3D platforming sandbox. Nintendo, however, felt the need to clarify exactly how the whole Mario embodiment thing works in Super Mario Odyssey.

Breath Of The Wild's Hard Mode Won't Overwrite The Main Game

If you've played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Wii U or Switch, then you know that starting a new game will override all previous save files for a given profile. Thankfully, Nintendo has confirmed that players will be able to dive into the game's upcoming hard mode without fear of wiping all of their progress in standard mode.

What To Expect From Arms' First DLC Character

During the Nintendo Treehouse stream that took place during E3, the company unveiled the very first free DLC character for the recently released ARMS. The new character may not be exactly what players were expecting, but here's what to expect from the first DLC character.

Why The Nintendo Switch's Voice Chat Is Done Through Mobile

After folks got a look at an early diagram for what voice chat on the Nintendo Switch will look like, they started to question whether or not handling the functionality through a mobile device was a good idea. According to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, there's one very good reason chatting with friends is being handled this way.

One Thing You Won't See From Nintendo With New Switch Titles

While Nintendo made quite a few announcements at E3 2017 concerning new Switch games, they've also clarified something that fans of their first-party titles should not expect to see on the new console/portable hybrid.

Why Nintendo Announced Metroid Prime 4 So Early

One of the big surprises that completely came from out of left field was Nintendo's announcement of Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch. All we received during the Nintendo Direct was a splash screen and absolutely nothing else. So why did Nintendo announce Metroid Prime 4 so early?

Super Mario Odyssey Will Have Co-Op

One of the core tenets of Nintendo is to bring people together over gaming, whether it be local co-op, online co-op, LAN play, or even asymmetrical multiplayer. This mantra carries through even in games that most people would expect to only be single-player titles. In fact, it was recently revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will actually feature co-op play.

The Super Nintendo World Theme Park Trailer Is Everything We Want

It's finally here! Nintendo and Universal Studios unveiled the first official trailer for the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park, set to open in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. The trailer is only 30 seconds long but it's just enough time to give fans, gamers, and theme park aficionados multiple reasons to be excited.

Nintendo Has Added Pokken Tournament DX To Its E3 Schedule

During this morning's Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that a director's cut of the popular Wii U and arcade fighting game, Pokken Tournament, will soon be heading to the Nintendo Switch. Now we have word that the game will also play host to its own tournament next week, during E3.

Will Nintendo Switch's Classic Games Replace The Virtual Console? Here's What We Know

After Nintendo officially announced the premium service setup for the Nintendo Switch's Nintendo Network, due to roll out in 2018, a lot of people were left questioning how the premium Classic Games Selection works with the Virtual Console and will it replace it?

The First Nintendo Switch Special Edition Will Have A Monster Hunter XX Theme

If you've been holding out on buying a Nintendo Switch, your patience is being rewarded with an opportunity to potentially get the console's first special edition design. That'll be doubly nice if you're also a fan of the Monster Hunter series.

New Details On Nintendo Theme Park Hint At The Ride We All Knew Had To Happen

Nintendo is prepping to make a big wave with their brand new amusement park made in collaboration with Universal Studios. After the big announcement they kind of went dark... until recently. Some new information has surfaced, hinting at a ride we all knew had to happen.

How Nintendo Is Planning To Fix The Switch Availability Problem

The Nintendo Switch isn't quite selling as well as it could. It has nothing to do with consumer interest or demand, both of which are there in spades. The issue is supply. No one can keep a Switch in stock, and this is severely hurting the console's sales. Well, here's how Nintendo is planning to fix the Switch's availability problem.

Nintendo's Stock Has Hit A Major High

The release of the Nintendo Switch has been nothing but a huge boon of success for Nintendo. However, it's not just the Switch that has managed to bolster the appeal of Nintendo as a business. The announcement of a certain game coming to the Switch has allowed Nintendo's stock to hit a major high.

Sonic Mania May Have A Release Date

One of the most highly anticipated Sonic games set to release is the upcoming new-age throwback game, Sonic Mania. The title is a new-school take on the old-school 16-bit classics, and we may now have an idea as to when the game will officially release.

The Mario/Raving Rabbids Crossover Game Looks Just As Insane As We Thought

There have been some new details made available for the upcoming crossover game between Nintendo's Super Mario franchise and Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids franchise. We've finally learned a bit more about the gameplay and the characters.

Is Destiny 2 Heading To The Switch? Here's What The Devs Say

Given the popularity of the Switch, the massive pool of owners are excited about the future, and are constantly peppering game studios with requests for their games. One of those games is the upcoming Destiny 2.

Nintendo Just Had To Edit A Character's Hand Gesture In Mario Kart

Apparently, seemingly innocuous gestures in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe aren't so innocuous after all. It turns out that one of the characters had to have their hand gesture modified in Mario Kart 8 after some individuals pointed out that the winning pose could be seen as offensive.

Nintendo Releases New Info About Arms On The Switch

Nintendo is gearing up for the release of their next big Nintendo Switch exclusive called ARMS. They rolled out a Nintendo Direct and a press release to highlight some of the core features for the quirky new fighting game due for release this June.

Nintendo Switch Sales Just Broke A Record

The Nintendo Switch is continuing to make waves in the industry by becoming a trendsetting device in the world of interactive entertainment. Ahead of the official NPD Group sales figures for the month of April, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo Switch has already managed to break a record.

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