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How To Get A Real Life Badge From Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go is further bringing the elements of the virtual world into the real world. This recently took shape in the form of certain stores handing out real life Pokemon badges. That's right, you can earn a real life Pokemon badge by playing Pokemon Go.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's Ending Is Different In Japanese, Here's What Changes

The localization process for a lot of games creates moments and situations in games where the outcome or dialogue for some characters are different for different regions. A perfect example of this is the ending involving Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in North America, and the ending that Japanese gamers received.

Splatoon 2's New Weapon Is Here

Nintendo keeps rolling out fresh content for Splatoon 2 and, as of tonight, the latest weapon in your inktastic arsenal will be unleashed.

Samus Is Getting A Sweet 3DS XL In Time For Metroid Returns

Nintendo has announced that there will be a special edition Nintendo 3DS XL designed to launch in time for the release of Metroid: Samus Returns, which is due for release on Nintendo's portable handheld device next month.

The Nintendo World Championships Are Returning. Here's How To Compete

The Nintendo World Championships are set to make their return this fall, giving folks the chance to compete in a series of gaming challenges in order to be crowned the top player of 2017.

Nintendo's Online Services Will Be Down For Maintenance This Week

If you're the type of person who likes to plan out their gaming sessions, you might want to pay attention to a recent announcement from Nintendo. It looks like they'll be bringing some services down mid-week in order to take care of some behind the scenes maintenance.

When The SNES Classic Will Be Available For Pre-Order, According To Nintendo

Following a frustrating kerfuffle with Walmart's online pre-order service, it looks like we finally know when(ish) the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition will be available for reservations.

Splatoon 2 Is Adding A New Map For Splatfest

Nintendo is acting fast when it comes to updating Splatoon 2. The developer and publisher updated fans on the status of a brand new map for the third-person multiplayer shooter game, which will be added to the Splatoon 2 Splatfest tournaments.

Walmart Is Cancelling Some SNES Classic Pre-Orders

So, it turns out that, despite Nintendo's most soothing of assurances, the SNES Classic Edition launch is shaping up to look a heck of a lot like the NES Classic Edition launch. One of the first retailers to offer pre-orders, Walmart, is already having to cancel some of those reservations.

Why A Nintendo 64 Classic Just Got More Likely

A lot of people have been wondering, now that Nintendo struck gold with the NES Classic Edition, would there be other classic consoles to follow? Well, yes... yes there are. The SNES Classic Edition is due out this September, and now new information has surfaced showing why a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition just got a lot more likely.

Nintendo Launches Switch App Ahead Of Splatoon 2 Release

With Splatoon 2 set to launch tomorrow morning, Nintendo has gone ahead and released their Switch Online app, bringing social features and game-specific functionality to your smart device.

Nintendo's ARMS Is Joining The World Of Esports

The Nintendo Switch exclusive ARMS was originally up for a user vote to join the roster of titles on display at this year's EVO event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the game didn't make the cut. Well, it may not have been on display at this year's EVO but it is joining the world of Esports next year.

Watch The First 14 Minutes Of Hey! Pikmin

Nintendo announced Hey! Pikmin back during one of the Nintendo Directs. The announcement was brief and we didn't get to see much gameplay, but we did know that the game was coming to the Nintendo 3DS in July. Well, now that July has arrived some new gameplay footage has been released, featuring 14 minutes of Hey! Pikmin.

Where Nintendo's Quality Of Life Product Currently Stands

A long time ago, in an announcement far, far away, Nintendo claimed that they had a quality of life product in development to help make your life better, easier, and of much higher quality. Well, some new information has surfaced regarding where the company is with the product.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Giving Away A Legendary Pokemon

Looking to get your hands on a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Well, Nintendo has an offer that you can't refuse. A new Legendary Pokemon is being given away for a limited time for those who own the Nintendo 3DS RPG.

How Much Different Countries Spend On Pokemon Go

Believe it or not, not everyone in every region spends the exact same amount of money on Pokemon Go as the next region over. Different gamers spend different amounts on the game, depending on how much they enjoy it.

New Details of Splatoon 2 Are Here

Nintendo dropped so many details about Splatoon 2 that it was easy to miss some of the more unique features set to arrive when it launches on July 21st exclusively for the Switch.

Retro Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

One of the underrated titles that came out this year from Terrible Toybox was Thimbleweed Park. The game launched at the end of March on Steam, and now it's set to arrive sometime soon for the Nintendo Switch.

Breath Of The Wild's Next DLC Looks To Dive Into Another Character's Backstory

The second set of DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't just challenge content. Nintendo is stepping up their game and adding more story-oriented filler to further explore and expand on the backstory of one of the game's key characters.

One Surprising Thing You Won't See In Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo is changing a lot of things about the Mario formula in upcoming Switch exclusive, Super Mario Odyssey. Heck, they're even removing something from the game that's been around since the very beginning.

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