Exclusive: The Answer Man Poster

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-27 14:21:33discussion comments
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Iíve developed a newfound love of all things Jeff Daniels, since his brilliant turn last year in The Lookout. Now Iím on the lookout for whatever he does next, and right now his next is a movie called The Answer Man. You may have heard some talk of it during Sundance earlier this year. Back then it was called Arlen Faber, but itís since been retitled. In it, Daniels plays the reclusive author of a wildly popular spirituality book who collides with a single mom looking for answers. One problem: He doesnít have any.

We have your exclusive, first look at the filmís official poster. Check it out below and watch for The Answer Man in theaters July 24th and on Video On Demand June 26th.

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