Apocalypto's Hidden Message

By Joshua Tyler 2005-12-20 00:00:00discussion comments
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Mel Gibson is officially picking movies to make based on which foreign languages heís interested in. His next flick is called Apocalypto, and itís being filmed entirely in Mayan. Donít worry, someone will probably force him to throw on some subtitles before any of us see it.

The first teaser trailer for the movie is outÖ and it looks like itís composed out of discarded National Geographic stock footage. But that isnít whatís interesting. Whatís worth noting is that thereís a really weird, ridiculously funny image hidden in the trailer. I discovered it while going through the trailer frame by frame looking for screenshots to use on our Apocalypto preview page. I laughed till I nearly puked. After I dried my eyes and picked myself up off the floor, I then went back and watched it four more times, knowing that the image was in thereÖ and I couldnít see it. It goes by WAY too fast. Want to see it?

Try watching the trailer and picking it out for yourself first by clicking here. It's funnier if you can find it in context.

Can't find it? Alright, scroll down to see it the easy way:

Now go watch the trailer again and ponder why the hell that was thrown in there by clicking here. Mel Gibson is subliminally forcing himself on you. It's kind of like Mel Gibson rape.

For more info and screencaps from the Apocalypto trailer visit our preview database.
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