5 Amazing Things You Possibly Missed In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

By Eric Eisenberg 2014-02-19 04:42:57discussion comments
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After months and months of waiting, Marvel Studios unleashed the first theatrical trailer for James Gunnís Guardians of the Galaxy this evening, and I can tell you with absolute honesty that jaws are on the floor all around the Cinema Blend offices. The movie looks like an absolutely wild, funny, action-filled space adventure, and its August release date couldnít feel further away.

While the trailer probably looks familiar to those of you who attended San Diego Comic-Con last year, as the preview is about 90% the same as the footage that was shown there, there is still a lot to take in. This trailer introduces audiences to a whole new gang of characters most know nothing about, but perhaps the coolest things about it are the smaller details that are packed within. Weíve been closely scanning the entire thing frame-by-frame and have made some really awesome discovers, and weíve shared them with you below! (and click on all the images to see them in high-def!)

Ronan The Accuser Guardians of the Galaxy
Ronan The Accuser does make an appearanceÖ and heís strangling Drax
The trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy is very hero heavy, individually introducing every member of the titular team, but you may have noticed that the central villain of the movie, Lee Paceís Ronan The Accuser, never got any time in the spotlight. That said, he does appear for one brief moment. While you donít actually see his face, this still from the montage features Ronan not only choking Drax, but actually lifting him off his feet. "How do you know itís Ronan if you canít see his face?" you ask? Just look in the space between the characters and youíll notice Ronanís signature hammer!
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