Amber Heard May Wear Mystique's Blue Body Paint For X-Men: First Class

By Josh Tyler 2010-06-14 12:53:24discussion comments
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Amber Heard May Wear Mystique's Blue Body Paint For X-Men: First Class image
Amber Heard may end up stripping naked and covering herself in blue body paint for her next movie role. Production Weekly says shes up for the role of Mystique in X-Men: First Class.

Since this is a prequel shed be playing a younger version of the shape-shifting character made famous by Rebecca Romijn in the other X-Men films. Physically at least, she seems a suitable replacement. Romijns take on the character required almost no dialogue, and the character spends a lot of time as other people (which means being played by other actors), so Im not sure the part really requires anything beyond the ability to look good naked. Heard has that nailed.

Also rumored for First Class is Rosamund Pike. Last week word was that she might play Emma Frost, but now Production Weekly says shes playing Moira MacTaggert. In X-Men lore, the character is a Scottish scientist and an expert in mutants, who at some point in the past was also a love interest of Charles Xavier. Since First Class tells the story of Professor Xs early days, she could be an essential component.

Finally, despite rumors that Fox wants Michael Fassbender for the role of Magneto, PW says he doesnt want to play him. That may mean the search for Magneto is back on.
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