Batman Vs. Superman Rumors Tease Undercover Wonder Woman, Anti-Superman Coalition

By Gabe Toro 2014-01-22 11:40:59discussion comments
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Batman Vs. Superman Rumors Tease Undercover Wonder Woman, Anti-Superman Coalition image
When one of the biggest films of all-time is pushed back nearly an entire year, everyoneís gonna be talking, and everyoneís gonna see it as an opportunity to spread some rumors. With the untitled Man of Steel Sequel (weíve GOTTA find our own title for this thing), a release date is two and a half years away, giving fans plenty of time to speculate. Is it actually going to shoot in Michigan? Is Aquaman in it? Will they let Wonder Womanís freak flag fly? Is it secretly a Justice League movie?

The folks at Latino Review were very Latino Review-y in dropping down the rabbit hole to uncover what may be specific plot points in regards to this superhero mash-up. A trail of breadcrumbs led them to NeoGaf, a message board for video game fans and professionals, where a user named James Woods (we knew it was you, Shark!) discussed speaking with someone who had been let go by the art department for WBís Man Of Steel: My Dinner With Batman, one of many due to the filmís postponement. In their discussions, this person dished several plot details to the star of Salvador and The Hard Way, which no one can confirm remain in the finished film. Weíre going to walk through the most prominent ones. Hypothetical spoilers follow.

-Supermanís massive battle at the end of Man Of Steel has had massive repercussions. The biggest seems to be that Batman has cooperated with someone (who?) to form some sort of coalition to make sure it doesnít happen again. Possibly to hunt the last son of Krypton? Maybe it involves Aquaman, who apparently exists in this draft, though he is never named Aquaman. Apparently the "world engine" operated by Zod in Man Of Steel really messed up the oceans and the fish. Unnamed Aquaman is not pleased.

-Batmanís got some major issues. As hinted earlier, a rift between him and Robin exists because of Robinís unspecified betrayal. Heís also got a mole in Wayne Enterprises, and he doesnít know that itís actually Wonder Woman, tracking an item important to the Amazonians. Good to see they have Wonder Woman serving such an important part of the narrative that sheís basically just chasing a doohickey. The new Batcave is also "super cool looking" (oh, thatís a relief) and the Batmobile takes several cues from the design in the Tim Burton movies. Knowing Zack Snyder, that probably means itís a giant penis.

-Lex Luthor and Metallo are the baddies. Brains and brawn, sure, makes sense. Luthor spends time "in the shadows" so heís not face-to-face with Superman that often. Perhaps heís involved with Batmanís coalition? Lois investigates Lex, who has enough clout that he purchases the Daily Planet as a "P.R." move, presumably to turn it into an app?

-Superman deals with some heavy stuff. Donít get too attached to Clark Kent, because Metallo apparently murders his ass, whatever that means. Superman clearly lives, but is something of a pariah at the end of the film, living "in exile" while the government forms a Justice League.

Caveats! Few projects in Hollywood have as many rejected scripts as this and a Justice League movie. This could easily be remnants of much older scripts, a mix-and-match of old and new drafts, or maybe the current draft that is currently being re-written. Or maybe itís that trickster James Woods trying to fool us all, discussing a script he wrote on the downtime from White House Down shooting. You canít get one past us this time, Shark!
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