Beautiful Creatures TV Spot Promises Love And Magic

By Sean O'Connell 2013-01-02 06:29:42discussion comments
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To call Beautiful Creatures the next Twilight or a possible successor to The Hunger Games is to belittle and possibly discredit a fantastically successful novel series by best-selling author Kami Garcia. While its true that Hollywood hopes that the screen adaptation of Garciaís words hit the same audience targets as the translations of Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collinsí words, itís clear in Beautiful Creatures promotional spots that the movie is reaching for something higher, and painting a picture thatís slightly larger in scope. At least, thatís what we hope.

A new TV spot has arrived online for , introducing the main characters and hinting at the mythology. We have it for you right here:

Richard LaGravenese (Living Out Loud, P.S. I Love You) has had a stronger track record writing screenplays Ė he penned The Fisher King, The Bridges of Madison County and The Ref -- than he has in the directorís chair, so itís encouraging to see that he had a part in adapting Garciaís book for the screen. He has assembled a handsome cast of relative newcomers to play the key characters in Garciaís story, which follows Lena (Alice Englert), a ďCasterĒ blessed with magic powers whoís part of a larger tapestry of witches and mystical beings. But LaGravenese has surrounded his teen cast with powerful support from the likes of Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum and Viola Davis.

Will Beautiful Creatures generate enough interest to inspire adaptations of Beautiful Darkness and the other books in Garciaís series? We shall see. The first movie gets a chance to shine on Feb. 13, when it opens in theaters everywhere.
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