Coens' True Grit Gets Yuletide Release, Footloose Gets Canned

By Will LeBlanc 2010-01-20 08:02:48discussion comments
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Coens' True Grit Gets Yuletide Release, Footloose Gets Canned image
Well, pilgrim, you've got yourself just under a year to find yourself an eye patch, a cowboy hat and a six-shooter so you can roll up to the theater in full Rooster Cogburn gear and scare the shit out of anyone headed to see Joel and Ethan Coen's True Grit remake.

Variety put this year's first present under the tree today by letting us know that Paramount will be releasing the John Wayne re-imagining on Christmas Day, 2010. It's a bit of a strange day to be releasing a straight up, unadulterated western, but they'll certainly benefit from vacationers and people looking to escape from their families after a long day. According to our own fearless leader Josh Tyler, the script from the Coens is exactly what it should be-- a streamlined, much improved version of the 1969 classic. Read his script reaction HERE.

In other news, Paramount has unsurprisingly taken their Footloose remake off the schedule thanks to director Kenny Ortega giving them the finger the same way Zac Efron did. Good news all around this morning in the world of Paramount.
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