Disney May Reboot The Rocketeer

By Mack Rawden 2012-08-21 18:43:04discussion comments
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There are dozens of films sitting inside the Disney vault which could conceivably be remade to generate a profit. Oddly, rumor has it the studio is convinced The Rocketeer is among them. Released in 1991, the movie got halfway decent reviews but wasnít fully embraced by audiences. It never broke fifty million dollars at the US Box Office, and plans for a series of follow-up films were immediately dropped, at least until new headman Alan Horn (Cody Hornís father) took over and apparently got excited about a remake.

According to Vulture, Disney executives havenít spoken publically about the reasons theyíre allegedly on board with The Rocketeer, but one would imagine the incredible profits of the Disney-owned Marvel movies influenced their decision. Few projects can generate as crazy of a return as big budget, summer action films, and while the studio failed to charm the fanbase they were looking for the first time around, with a new angle, they could potentially have something.

To make success more likely, Disney could try to hire one of the men theyíve turned to for the recent string of Marvel hits, though, if they do, itís unlikely theyíll settle on Joe Johnston. The Captain America director generated a nice profit with his film last year, but he also made the original Rocketeer. Something tells me giving him another shot with the same character isnít what they have in mind.

With no word publicly and not a single person hired to work on the film, a Rocketeer movie is far from a guarantee, but whether it moves forward right now or not, it will remain a strange possibility.
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