Eastwood Hangs It Up Again

By Rafe Telsch 2008-11-23 22:10:26discussion comments
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Clint Eastwood is working on a remake - his own retirement. Last September the actor/ director/ composer/ producer/ kick-ass curmudgeon told Entertainment Weekly that he was taking a break from acting. He wouldn’t officially call it retirement, and made it clear that he would remain active behind the camera, but he felt like ending with his role in Million Dollar Baby was a pretty good high to stop on. We mourned Eastwood’s decision, understanding what the actor was saying, but hoping he was wrong.

Since then, Eastwood found another role to take on, in his own film Gran Torino, and now he’s making statements similar to the ones he said last year. Eastwood told Telegraph.co.uk that “You always want to quit while you are ahead. You don't want to be like a fighter who stays too long in the ring until you're not performing at your best." and that ”[Gran Torino] will probably do it for me as far as acting is concerned."

So is this it for Eastwood’s acting career? Even his own friends expressed doubt, practically paraphrasing Eastwood’s own sentiment from a year ago - that if something comes along that attracts Eastwood’s eye, he’ll probably take it on. Acting just isn’t his main focus anymore. Of course, that’s what we were told a year ago too, so who knows what the future will actually hold for Eastwood and acting.
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