Ever Wonder What Happened To Bane After The Dark Knight Rises?

By Sean O'Connell 2012-08-07 14:45:32discussion comments
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We spent so much time in the days and weeks after Christopher Nolanís The Dark Knight Rises asking what really happened to Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman, that no one on the site bothered to ask the really important question: What happened to Bane? Oh sure, we saw him get blasted out of frame by a snarky Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). But then what? Thankfully, Funny or Die has the answer:

Of course Baneís a Katy Perry fan.

Thatís former SNL comedian Chris Kattan in the Bane mask, and this clipís actually funnier than virtually anything he did on the late-night sketch show. His response to the drive-thru teller, alone, is worth your time watching this. Seriously, canít we all just agree that Baneís voice in Rises is terrible? Nolanís still a brilliant filmmaker, but the voice was bad. Right? OK, cool.

Expect this to be the first (or latest) in whatís bound to be a long line of Dark Knight spoofs. Now that Nolanís had his final say in the matter, you can expect all kinds of comedic voices to emerge from the shadows and poke fun at his ultra-serious comic-book franchise. And if any filmmaker with the pull of a Mel Brooks has the nerve, maybe weíll get a Spaceballs-style send-up of the Dark Knight trilogy sometime in the future. Weíd pay to see that.
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