The Expendables 2 Poster Showcases Destruction

By Kelly West 2011-12-16 13:16:26discussion comments
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We werenít given a lot to go on in the recently released trailer for Expendables 2 and a similar less-is-more approach seems to have been taken with the poster for the film. If this poster does hint at anything, itís that a lot of destruction is in the cards for the new film... and Barney Ross.

In the trailer, which we posted earlier this week, we were shown a small clip from the film, which had Bruce Willisí Church enlisting the help of Sylvester Stalloneís Barney Ross and the Expendables. This was followed by quick shots of the lead characters, most of whom were holding varying types of weapons. The poster for the movie, which releases next summer, goes even simpler...

A giant ď2Ē has been blasted through the wall. Thereís debris all over the ground and standing behind the mess is Sly, looking as tough as ever with his hands full of guns and his face full of determination. You may also notice that the recognizable names of the main cast have been stamped up top. Just the last names. Thereís no time for first names when thereís stuff that needs blowing up.

The Expendables 2 hits theaters August 17, 2012. More info on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.
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