One of the best movies of the year is Crash, a story about Los Angeles residents whose lives intersect and brutal prejudices are exposed.

So why haven't you seen it yet?

If you missed it on the big screen (shame on you), you may have a second chance to experience the brilliance of the subject matter. According to, a series based on the movie may soon be landing at the FX channel. Don Cheadle will star and coproduce the series, possibly along with some others from the movie. I just hope they all remember to wear their invisible cloaks.

Paul Haggis (director of Crash) originally shopped the series around to networks, but nobody was buying. Instead it was transformed into a movie. A similar scenario happened with David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, but nobody knew what the heck was going on so the series was scrapped. Alluring but head-scratching ambiguity tends to be more accepted in cinema.

While the quality of television keeps deteriorating before our eyes (evident by "Dancing With The Stars" being the smash hit of the summer), FX consistently offers quality programming. Whether you're watching people be sliced and diced on "Nip Tuck" or rescued by brutish, drunken firefighters on "Rescue Me", they remind us that television has potential to be more than mindless excrements. Hear that, "Fear Factor"?

Production on Crash will begin soon. Here's to hoping.

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