Fantastic Mr. Fox Gets Set Photos

By Tim Gomez 2009-07-24 01:35:45discussion comments
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Wes Anderson has never been the type to indulge his movies in overly modernistic technology. All of his films take place in an unknown Wes Anderson era, where attention to visual detail is far more important than special effects. Thatís what makes his venture into stop-motion adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox so fitting.

Over the last week, the first pictures from the movie have been leaking, and boy, do they look interesting. Far more crisp and polished than the stop-motion movies Iím used to (see: Chicken Run), the pictures look straight out of a computer-animation. Itís impossible to judge a movie based on photos, but itís pretty easy to get intrigued nonetheless.

Now USA Todayhas brand new exclusive set pictures from Wes Andersonís Fantastic Mr. Fox that give a small glimpse into the filmmakerís process. They also have a few pictures from the movie that we havenít seen yet. Below are some low-res versions, click through to see the full versions!

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