Have Fun Generating Your Own James Bond Movie Titles

By Sean O'Connell 2012-11-09 14:45:08discussion comments
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This weekend American audiences will finally be able to deduce the meaning behind Skyfall, the title of Sam Mendesí contribution to the long-running 007 series. Itís sounds as generic as past Bond movie titles, like Thunderball or Moonraker to GoldenEye and Octopussy, but Mendesí title has legitimate meaning (which can be spoilery, and will not be discussed here).

But coming up with your own Bond title, as well as a stylish poster design, is now just a click away thanks to a creative program posted on Slate. It takes imagery, names, characters and words from previous Bond titles to make new ones Ė simple as that. I gave it a few spins, coming up with Another Day to Spy, KillMoon, Casino Never Dies and Pussylove (possibly my favorite). Click the image below and give it a try.

You laugh, but when legitimate Bond producers come up with titles like Quantum of Solace and try to pawn them off on an unsuspecting public you have to wonder if they arenít using a similar program over at Eon Productions.

Thankfully, Daniel Craigís Bond has been blessed with relatively straightforward titles in his short stint as 007. Even Quantum referenced a larger criminal organization that fans thought would play a larger role in the developing franchise (and yet, is totally ignored in Skyfall). Not that they are missed at all - when you have Javier Bardem terrorizing Bond, M (Dame Judi Dench) and MI6, in general, the title means very little because the rest of the movieís so damn good.
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