Hot Fuzz is still more than a week away, but director Edgar Wright is already talking about his next move. He recently told /Film that he’ll be re-teaming with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for a third movie soon, the last in what he calls their “Three Flavor Trilogy”.

What is a Three Flavor Trilogy? He explains, “different films that all contain blood and ice cream, and that’s the only link between the three.” That… doesn’t make much sense. Thanks Edgar!

But they are planning another movie. Pegg and Frost are supposedly already working on writing it, but Wright doesn’t reveal what it’s about. They’ve already done horror movies and action movies. Is it perhaps time to tackle Science Fiction? One thing they won’t be doing is spoofing Jane Campion movies. Simon Pegg says, “We’re not going to be making a period piece, let me put it that way.” Good move guys, I’m not sure you they could make those interesting.

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