James Franco Will Escape Infertility Through Crime In Good People

By Kristy Puchko 2012-11-29 07:06:44discussion comments
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James Franco Will Escape Infertility Through Crime In Good People image
One of the most common refrains of this past election season was about the tough times many households have faced, financially speaking. Marcus Sakey's 2008 novel Good People focuses on one such household. Tom and Anna Reed have a pretty common dream. All they want is a family and financial security. But in striving to get the former葉hrough a series of very costly and ineffective infertility treatments葉hey've lost any hope of achieving the latter, and it's putting a serious strain on their marriage. But there's a strange ray of hope when their neighbor dies and the Reeds discover a stash of $400,000 in cash among his things. But of course, happy endings never come so easily.

The Wrap reports Millennium Films is looking to adapt Sakey's celebrated crime novel, and James Franco is the current front-runner for the male lead of Tom Reed. Kelly Masterson, who penned the heralded Before the Devil Knows Your Dead and more recently polished Bong Joon-ho's highly anticipated English-language debut Snow Piercer, will draft Good People's screenplay. Danish director Henrik Genz, best known for the Copenhagen-set thriller Terribly Happy, will helm.

There's been no announcement on when producers hope to shoot Good People, but in the meantime Franco-philes have plenty to look forward to. Coming next spring, he'll headline Sam Raimi's Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz: The Great and Powerful. Following soon after, Franco will play himself in Seth Rogen's Armageddon comedy The End of the World, and sometime in 2013, we expect to see the long-buzzed about Linda Lovelace biopic called Lovelace, wherein Franco portrays controversial porn magnate Hugh Hefner.
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