Jurassic Park Without Dinosaurs Is Disappointing And Strange, See It Now

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A monster movie is only as good as the monsters that inhabit it. Steven Spielberg knew this when he created an adaption of Michael Crichtonís iconic novel Jurassic Park, and took painstaking steps to ensure that the filmís dinosaurs looked and felt as authentic as possible. Now someone has come along and completely removed themÖ Check out the video below to see the absolutely hilarious results of taking the Jurassic creatures out of Jurassic Park.

Weíre just going to come right out and say it: this†video is absolutely hilarious. The simple act of removing the dinosaurs from this legendary Jurassic Park scene not only makes every single person in the film seem utterly insane, but it adds a layer of alternative humor to the entire affair. Without the giant brachiosaurus grazing in the field all John Hammond has to say is "Welcome to park," and somehow everyone in attendance just loses their minds.

I must concede one thing, itís still a fairly beautiful field even without the dinosaurs, so maybe I would have the same reaction if I ended up going there. He could put a golf course or even just a nice, dinosaur-free resort right there by the lake. In hindsight, that may have been a better idea.

The video serves as distinct reminder that the minimalist approach does no always work when it comes to a Steven Spielberg movie. Sure, we barely saw the great white shark in Jaws, and that only helped to increase the fear factor associated with the aquatic beast. While Jurassic Park eventually got to the same level of monster horror, part of the film's beauty came from the way in which Spielberg and the rest of the production crew managed to combine practical and digital effects to create a genuinely amazing on-screen dinosaurs.

We take giant digital creatures for granted these days, but back in the early 1990s seeing dinosaurs like the ones depicted in Jurassic Park proved absolutely groundbreaking. Check out the original version of this scene to take a trip back to your childhood.

So while Park is pretty damn funny, we have to say it doesnít hold a candle to the original version of this iconic scene. Jurassic Park is a legendary movie that doesnít need updating, and quite frankly we canít wait to see where the franchise goes when the sequel to last summer's hit reboot Jurassic World finally hits theaters. Stay tuned for all of the latest and greatest Jurassic news.
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