Legally Blonde 3 Impersonates Original Elle

By Rafe Telsch 2007-09-06 19:26:09discussion comments
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Weíve reported previously about the disastrous idea to create a third movie in the Legally Blonde series (because, clearly, two just didnít give us enough promotion of materialistic ideas and vacuous behavior). Obviously Reece Witherspoon has moved past the Legally Blonde character of Elle Woods and the sequel will follow the overseas prep school adventures of Elleís identical-twin cousins, played by Camilla and Rebecca Rosso. Hmmm, do you think the people who green-lit this saw Van-Wilder 2?

Apparently just because Witherspoon has moved on to bigger, brighter, and smarter things doesnít mean her character has. According to Moviehole, the sequel will include a voice over by Elle welcoming her cousins to her home and apologizing for not being there in person. Since itís unlikely Witherspoon is going to give the franchise the time of day, the part of Elle Woods is being recast.

I canít emphasize how little I care about this, as Iím not a big fan of even the first movie, which actually wasnít that bad as a fluff film. Since the sequel is likely to be direct to DVD, (which is where we originally reported about it) this movie is going to be another forgettable, needless sequel. If they could convince Witherspoon to record a quick voice-over, like shouting at a recording crew from her car, that might give the picture a little added merit, but most likely this is just going to be done by some faceless impersonator Ė appropriate for the movie.
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