Matt Damon On Batman v Superman And Why He Won't Do A Superhero Movie

By Corey Chichizola 5 months agodiscussion comments
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Matt Damon On Batman v Superman And Why He Won't Do A Superhero Movie image
Matt Damon is one of the few Hollywood A-List actors who has never donned a mask or cape. The 45 year old actor/filmmaker recently opened up about his lack of superheroism, as well as his buddy Ben Affleckís upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Apparently Ben Affleck has seen the finished product of Batman V Superman, and the results are favorable.†
I hear [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] is good. I havenít seen it yet but heís seen a rough cut and I think heís very pleased. But no, I donít know that there are any comic book characters left.

This is exciting news, for sure. First off, itís news that a rough cut of Batman V Superman has already been made for Ben Affleck to have the chance to see. While we wonít be seeing the superhero flick until March, the fact that thereís a complete version in the ether is cause for nergasms everywhere.†

Itís also interesting to note Matt Damonís feelings about his lack of participation in an superhero movie. With comic book adaptations now arguably the biggest cash cow in the entertainment industry, it seems logical that Damon would have been approached by the folks at either Marvel or DC. Additionally, he has plenty of experience with action sequences through his work on the Bourne Identity franchise which would lend itself well to a hero movie.

Matt Damonís interview with Variety contradicts a statement he made earlier about the possibility of a superhero movie in his future. He and Affleck are big fans of the Marvel superhero Daredevil, despite how negatively Affleckís turn as Matt Murdock was received. With Daredevil become more popular after the Netflix show of the same name, Damon said he was open to playing the man without fear in a big screen adaptation. That is, if the right director is involved- namely Batman and Inception director Christopher Nolan.†

This specific wish to work with Christopher Nolan seems logical, as Nolanís Batman trilogy was massively successful. In stark opposition with some of the flashy and shallow comic book adaptation of the 2000ís, Nolan made the Dark Night more grounded and emotionally driven. You canít blame Matt Damon for his lack of flexibility here- if heís going to do a superhero movie he wants it to be damn good.

As we know, Matt Damon is a filmmaker in his own right. He and Ben Affleck first came into the public eye for their screenwriting and acting work in 1997ís Good Will Hunting. They know quality films when they see them, which both validates Damonís superhero intentions, and speaks volume for the potential that Batman V Superman has. If an Academy Award winning writer things the upcoming superhero epic is good, itís probably going to be enjoyable for us plebeians.†

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will hit theaters March 25th.†
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