The Dark Knight Rises only came out three years ago, but the next phase of Batman’s big screen future is about to begin. Ben Affleck will debut as the new Bruce Wayne next year in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he will also be one of the leading heroes in the Justice League films. For months there have also been reports that DC is planning a solo Batman film for their cinematic lineup between now and 2020, and now a new rumor says that the Caped Crusader’s next adventure may come out in 2018. Currently titled The Batman, the project could be directed by Affleck himself and written by Chris Terrio, who not only worked with Affleck on Argo, but also rewrote the Batman V Superman script.

If a new Batman film is indeed on the way, whether it’s in 2018 or another year, there are several steps that the film should take to distinguish it from the previous seven live-action endeavors (eight if you count the 1966 Batman TV series film). Affleck has shown his directing talent with films like The Town and Argo, so if anybody can give us a unique adventure for the Dark Knight in the DCCU, it’s him. Here are the five things that need to be included in the next Batman film.

Batman Actually Being A Detective
Batman Actually Being A Detective
We’ve seen Batman show off his badass fighting skills and stealth in previous movies, but rarely have we seen him use that magnificent brain of his to its full potential. After two live-action film series, it’s about time we seem him earn the title World’s Greatest Detective. Give him a murder to solve. Show him analyze evidence. Have him chase down leads. Watching Batman beat criminals to a pulp is always fun, but it’s also great to see the Caped Crusader venture into Gotham City’s seedy depths to solve crimes rather than just pound villains into submission. Think about it, one of the longstanding Batman comic book titles for decades has been Detective Comics! As action-packed as the next Batman film will be, there needs to be an element of mystery in the story. Bruce Wayne trained his mind just as much as his body, and the general audience needs to see his intelligence in action.

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