It has been confirmed by producer Michael Uslan that in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice we are indeed going to get a version of Batman that's older than we're used to. After all, every big screen incarnation of the Caped Crusader has followed a handsome, young brawler whose hunger for justice was as big as his muscles. If the rumors are true, Ben Affleck's "mid-40's" version of the character will be a more seasoned crime stopper who's already lost a Robin and is at odds with another one. He's taken his punches, and it's starting to take its toll on him. Some might complain about this approach, but it's actually rather brilliant when you think about it.

Imagine a Bruce Wayne/Batman dichotomy that isn't merely about dispensing justice, but about a man who's starting to lose faith in what his ultimate cause is all about. Imagine a man who wants to pass the mantle onto someone else, but has a past that makes him question whether he actually can. The possibilities are plentiful, and for the sake of brevity we've picked six Batman stories that would be perfect big screen adaptations to feature a more aged, but no less badass version of The Dark Knight.

Just a quick warning before we go: comic book continuity WILL be broken in the name of a bigger cinematic narrative and to weave these stories together into one overall arc. I apologize in advance to those of you who frown on this sort of thing.

Death In The Family
A Death In The Family
To start our new Batman series off right, they'll first need to revisit the events that supposedly inspire Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. As was mentioned in recent rumors, the Batcave will reportedly feature a memorial to a fallen Robin - most likely Jason Todd, as it is on the page. Now, while this would be a step back for the Batman plotline, it would assuredly be a vital one, as it properly sets up Batman's motivations in this overall arc. A Death In The Family is one of those iconic and rich stories that if you get a chance to tell it, you do. You don't just leave an image like a Robin memorial hanging in the air; you either tell the story or don't even mention it.

At the start of A Death In The Family, we find Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd at odds as to how to fight crime. Jason wants to punish criminals through harsher means than Bruce is willing to go. This creates a rift between the dynamic duo, leading Jason to be dismissed. Coincidentally, this is the same time that the current Robin finds out that he was adopted, which sends him on a worldwide hunt to find his true mother. Things come to a head when both Batman and Robin wind up on the trail of The Joker, who is currently brokering instability in a foreign nation. (The story takes place in the Middle East in the book, but it can always be changed for modernizing/cultural sensitivity.) By the end of the story, Robin dies in the crossfire, and Batman is saved by Superman, of all people. It would perhaps be the most tragic Batman movie to hit screens, but it would pack an incredible punch.

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