Piranha 3DD Trailer Swims Its Way Into Your Bikini Despite Release Setback

By Will LeBlanc 2011-10-19 08:49:07discussion comments
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Piranha 3DD Trailer Swims Its Way Into Your Bikini Despite Release Setback image
Even on the heels of the recent announcement that the film had been pushed back until some time in 2012, producers still thought it would be a good idea to put out a teaser for Piranha 3DD, the follow up to last yearís schlock-fest from High Tension director Alexandre Aja. This incarnation was helmed by Feast director and Project Greenlight winner John Gulager and looks to be more of the same old carnivorous fish mayhem as before.

A new teaser trailer premiered at the Spike Scream Awards this week and has finally found its way online. It is everything you expected plus a little more. Youíll see David Hasselhoff appear as himself, because honestly what else does he have going on? And see if you notice the blatant Planet Terror ripoff. Scope out the trailer below, but be advised, there is some slow mo running close ups of large breasted ladies. Depending on where youíre watching this, be careful whoís over your shoulder.

There you have it. Ving Rhames straps shotguns to his legs and shoots fish. If there was ever a line spoken that more embodied the B-movie, Iíve never heard it. And while that will be fun to watch, itís much sexier seeing Rose McGowan do it.

Piranha 3DD may or may not see a theatrical release, but the original made well over its $25 million budget worldwide so itíd be surprising to not see Dimension give the sequel that same chance. Unfortunately if you like to get your doses fish horror and boobs in one place this trailer will have to hold you over until 2012, but for now this trailer will have to do.
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