Sea Creature Attacks Korea In First Footage From The Host 2

By Sean O'Connell 2012-11-21 08:03:05discussion comments
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Horror movies spawn sequels at a steady clip. Even creature films that donít do so well at the box office usually trigger at least one follow-up, so long as the budget can be kept in check. So while the South Korean monster movie The Host only banked $2.2 million back in 2006, overwhelmingly positive reviews convinced producers that a sequel was in order.

The Host 2 allegedly will detail another mutant creature born of the radioactive Asian seas. A new clip showing footage from the film has been embedded over on Twitch Film. Thereís also some behind-the-scenes interview footage elaborating on how they cam up with the monster who wanst to feed on innocent children. Check it out below:

Twitch says that the CG effects in the clip were handled by Macrograph, a company whose previous credits include Soar Into the Sun and A Chinese Ghost Story. Similar to the original Host, this film appears to deal with a reptilian creature who emerges from the depths of the waters to terrorize Korean residents. In director Joon-ho Bongís initial movie, the creature kidnapped a little girl, prompting a family to go on a rescue mission. But Bong is in post-production on the anticipated Snowpiercer, and so directing duties on The Host 2 have fallen to Park Myeong-chan. We donít yet have word on a possible release date for The Host 2, but now that footage is starting to arrive online, that news canít be too far behind.
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