Short Circuit Reboot Gets A Writer

By Kelly West 2012-02-02 18:59:33discussion comments
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As a child of the í80ís, I think Iím pre-programmed to automatically react with fond nostalgia and perhaps a quote or two when hearing a reference to the 1986 film Short Circuit. So itís with conflicting emotions that I share an update on the subject of the reboot thatís in the works. On one hand, we could all sigh at the topic of yet another attempt to squeeze some more juice out of a beloved film from yesteryear (Iím intentionally ignoring the Sheedy/Guttenberg-less sequel). And on the other hand, maybe the world needs another movie about a big-hearted malfunctioning robot with a craving for input and an appreciation for The Three Stooges.

One of the things that made Short Circuit work was that kids thought it was funny and wanted to be friends with Johnny 5, and grown-ups also thought it was funny and found it entertaining. Call it a combination of the Guttenberg Effect (see also: Police Academy, Three Men and a Baby) and the fact that it existed in an era when films could include phrases like ďNo shit. Where see shit?Ē and ďI am thinking she is a virgin. Or at least she used to be.Ē and still be considered relatively family friendly (PG rating, anyway). Whether or not the reboot will have the same balanced appeal remains to be seen. What it does have is a writer.

Dimension Films made the announcement today that Matt Lieberman has been hired to pen the screenplay for the Short Circuit ďreimagining.Ē Per the input shared by Dimension, Lieberman ďis a recent alumni of the Disney writers programĒ and is set to work closely with the filmís director Tim Hill.

As for specifics on the reimagining beyond the fact that it will exist, Dimension is mum on the details at this point, but with a writer signed on, itís clear theyíre looking to move forward with it. They're aiming to begin shooting at the end of the year with a targeted Summer 2013 release.
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