Star Wars 7 May Announce Cast And Title Without Harrison Ford On Board

By Josh Tyler 2013-10-10 21:46:06discussion comments
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Star Wars 7 May Announce Cast And Title Without Harrison Ford On Board image
Seven months ago Harrison Ford seemed pretty certain he was going to be in Star Wars: Episode VII. When asked about it he said, ďI think itís almost true. Iím looking forward to it. Itís not in the bag yet, but I think itíll happen, and Iím delighted.Ē Now heís saying something else, and itís not good news.

While appearing on Graham Nortonís BBC chat show this week, Ford was less enthusiastic when asked about Star Wars: Episode VII. In fact he says he has ďnot quite made the choiceĒ over whether or not heíll agree to play Han Solo in the film.

UPDATE! Video footage of the Harrison Ford interview with Graham Norton was not available when we first wrote this story, but it is now. Watch...

Fordís responses to Star Wars: Episode VII questions have grown gradually more vague and disinterested since his initial enthusiasm back in March. Jimmy Kimmel got around that by turning his unwillingness to answer Star Wars questions into a comedic bit which, to Fordís credit he was more than happy to play along withÖ

I guess we should have seen this coming, but the rest of the Star Wars original cast has seemed so eager to get to work, I think the tendency among Star Wars fans was to assume that Harrison was also all in. Well he isnít, at least not yet, and maybe itís time to get a little bit worried.

This may just be Harrison trying to stall things so he can focus on promoting Enderís Game, after which he'll jump in with both feet. Thatís the theory being floated in some quarters, anyway. He might fear a Star Wars announcement will draw attention away from Ender, and heís probably right about that.

No matter what Harrison thinks, though, rumor has it that official casting and title announcements for Star Wars: Episode VII may be coming before the week is out. Given Harrisonís most recent responses, it seems pretty likely that he wonít be included in those announcements, if indeed they are imminent. If he waits too long, at some point the production is going to move forward with out him, and Star Wars without Han Solo, well that just isnít Star Wars.
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