After moving on to college, there are certain people, places, and paraphernalia that each incoming freshman is almost required to like. For instance most dorm rooms are filled with the same Bob Marley and Dave Matthews posters and you hear an endless barrage of Super Troopers quotations. It’s pathetic. Apparently the average college campus has a mangled dialogue quota of utterances they must shout by the end of the day. I actually kind of like Super Troopers; I’m just sick of having to respond to: “Who wants a moustache ride?” So, it’s with a small degree of trepidation that I report the following news.

According to, Broken Lizard has finally decided to make the much anticipated follow-up to their 2001 cop comedy. The troupe was initially skeptical and worried about pigeonholing themselves, but they feel enough time has gone by to warrant another movie. Or they’ve just realized they will always be Rod Farva and friends (Car Ram Rod!). Plus it’s probably a better call than directing more aging white trash TV to cinema transfers (Dukes Of Hazzard).

Super Troopers is the only movie I have ever seen where each scene is just a little bit worse than its predecessor. The first fifteen minutes is quite possibly the funniest thing ever filmed, and then it slowly descends into mediocrity. I like it. I’ll have a few beers and laugh my ass off, but contrary to collegiate opinion, it’s no Annie Hall. No one’s run the idea by Fox or written a script, but I’m extremely confident that this will get made. After all, if you were a studio executive would you want to go with Super Troopers or another ill-advised comedy-horror mess?

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