According to many other news sources who aren’t us, a Teen Hollywood website is reporting that Justin Timberlake will be playing Tony Stark in the upcoming Nick Cassavetes directed film version of Iron Man. You’ll have to confirm whether or not this is true yourself, since I refuse to visit any website with the word “teen” in its URL, unless the word teen is preceded by the words “barely legal” (that was a joke... as far as you know).

Assuming this isn’t Britney Spears fan fantasy casting, I can’t imagine much worse. Not that I cared particularly about Iron Man anyway, but let’s face it, if the movie comes out I’ll have to review it, and that means being forced to watch Justin Timberlake in iron underpants. I’d hoped to avoid that.

Timberlake has been getting a lot of positive buzz for the upcoming drama Edison, but from what I’ve seen the guy can barely string two words together. Look for Iron Man to hit theaters, hopefully Justinless, probably a couple of weeks after I’m forced to review it.

---- UPDATE ----

IGN Filmforce says that this rumor is completely untrue... though they provide absolutely no evidence or even the slightest reason to support their claim. I suppose I might as well come out and say that it's totally false as well, since as rumors go it was pretty dodgy to begin with and I'll most likely end up being right. Then I can claim I had a scoop. Come on IGN! I'm sure you guys have a good reason, I trust you, just clue us in if you've got the low down. For now, put this rumor in the even less likely than before column.

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