Vin Diesel Might Hunt Witches In Manhattan

By Mack Rawden 2012-09-07 14:35:55discussion comments
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Vin Diesel Might Hunt Witches In Manhattan image
Vin Diesel seems like a dude who would agree to hunt witches. He has the athleticism to accomplish the task, and he has that look that says I will take any strange and dangerous job provided Iím paid up front. He would have made an awesome Death Eater, but since the Harry Potter movies are done with, heíll have to set his sights on someone other than Hermione.

According to The Wrap, Diesel is currently circling The Last Witch Hunter. The Lionsgate-Summit owned script focuses on a modern day witch infestation in Manhattan and the only man capable of putting it down. Obviously, the Fast and the Furious star is the man for the job, provided all involved can negotiate a price and an acceptable shooting schedule.

The Cory Goodman-penned script was sold two years ago. At the time, Timur Bekmambetov of Wanted fame was on board to direct. Heís since been replaced by Breck Eisner who did The Crazies. Itís unclear what rating Summit might shoot for as the project goes into production, but given the two directors theyíve been interested in and Dieselís skill set, youíd have to imagine theyíre looking to focus more on the action element and less on the weirdness of witches existing.

If Diesel does board, this project should progress quickly. Eisner is attached to the Stretch Armstrong movie, but since thatís not due until 2014, he should be able to squeeze this in first. Weíll keep you updated.
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