Ving Rhames Will Be Back For Mission: Impossible 4

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-06 14:05:52discussion comments
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Ving Rhames Will Be Back For Mission: Impossible 4 image
Ving Rhames showed up on Lopez Tonight, to promote Piranha 3D and let everyone know heís black (his skin color seems to get worked into nearly every sentence), and while he was there he dropped the news that heíll be back for the next Mission: Impossible. Rhames says rather simply, ďIím about to do Mission: Impossible 4.

He showed up in all three previous movies as Ethan Huntís tech expert Luther, every spy has to have one. No surprise that heíll return. Interestingly during the interview he revealed that in the original Mission: Impossible Luther was supposed to be killed off in the first six minutes with Emilio Estevez and the rest of Ethan Huntís slain, original M:I team. The way Rhames tells it, he talked Depalma into letting him live by complaining that the black guy always gets killed first. Iím not entirely sure I buy that.

You can watch the entire Lopez Tonight interview with Rhames, in which he also reveals that Stanley Tucci of all people, is responsible for his name.

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