Weekend Box Office: Noah Rides Out Flood To Number One

By Scott Gwin 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Weekend Box Office: Noah Rides Out Flood To Number One image
Audiences didn't exactly flood into theaters to see Darren Aronofsky's latest offering, Noah, but the much discussed Biblical adaptation made a solid opening, snagging a clear number one with $44 million. That's by far the largest opening for an Aronofsky film, but Noah also represents his biggest budget to date.

At $125 million plus marketing expenses (and just $55 million in foreign ticket sales so far) the movie isn't set to be wildly profitable, but if it holds strong the next couple of weeks it should give Aronofsky a little more credit with studios who till now have had to consider his edgy and unique storytelling style almost a liability.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest vehicle Sabotage stumbled in at number seven with just $5 million. That's the third movie in a row for the aging action star to open under $10 million, something that rarely occurred in his pre-governor career. Are people done going to the movies to see Arnold in action roles? Maybe it's time for him to start looking at scripts that need a lovable but intimidating grandfather with a thick accent.

The biopic Cesar Chavez opened in 650+ venues this weekend, and while it made more per screen than Sabotage its $3 million total was only enough to warrant twelfth place.

For the full weekend top ten, check out the chart below:

Noah *   $44,000,000 Total: $44,000,000 LW: N     
THTRS: 3,567
Divergent    $26,500,000 Total: $95,260,000 LW: 1    
THTRS: 3,936
Muppets Most Wanted    $11,373,000 Total: $33,210,000 LW: 2    
THTRS: 3,194
Mr. Peabody & Sherman    $9,500,000 Total: $94,909,000 LW: 3    
THTRS: 3,299
God's Not Dead    $9,075,000 Total: $22,028,000 LW: 4    
THTRS: 1,178
The Grand Budapest Hotel    $8,825,000 Total: $24,457,000 LW: 7    
THTRS: 977
Sabotage (2014) *   $5,330,000 Total: $5,330,000 LW: N     
THTRS: 2,486
Need for Speed    $4,335,000 Total: $37,753,000 LW: 6    
THTRS: 2,705
300: Rise of An Empire    $4,300,000 Total: $101,145,000 LW: 5    
THTRS: 2,601
Non-Stop    $4,087,000 Total: $85,167,000 LW: 8    
THTRS: 2,515

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