Woody Harrelson Battles Zombies

By Josh Tyler 2008-08-26 03:53:22discussion comments
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Woody Harrelson Battles Zombies image
Woody Harrelson is doing a zombie movie. Itís called Zombieland and itís probably safe to assume you donít want to ride the Tea Cups.

Itís more of a horror comedy really, being made by Ruben Fleischer for Columbia Pictures. I wonder if heís seen Shaun of the Dead? I thought that pretty much had the zombie comedy genre covered. Is there really room for another entry?

Woody Harrelson seems to think so, since according to HR heís signed up to play one of the movieís male leads, a zombie slayer named Albuquerque. You think heís ever been to New Mexico? Probably not. People named after places on a map almost never seem to actually be from those places. If you live in Dallas and your name is Dallas, well thatís just not cool. On the other hand if you live in Toronto and your name is Columbine, youíll seem dangerous and cool. Just donít wear a black trenchcoat.

In general, the movie is about a pair of incompatible people who survive the zombie apocalypse and build a relationship in a world with more than its fair share of the living dead. No word yet on who will play the second survivor. Iím hoping for Wesley Snipes or maybe Rhea Perlman.
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