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Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD Feature That Teases The Sinister Six
If you're doing the math at home, you just counted eight baddies, which means this is not the Sinister Six lineup (particularly not with a Venom solo movie also on the horizon). It is interesting that you'd see those earlier baddies there from Sam Raimi's films, particularly considering there are sketches of Doctor Octopus and the Vulture in the room that Marc Webb discusses here briefly, known as ďSpecial Projects.Ē
MOVIE NEWS Gabe Toro 2014-08-13
Johnny Depp Appreciates Great Mustaches In First Trailer To Mortdecai
Depp here plays Charlie Mortdecai, an eccentric and wealthy art dealer who must recover a stolen painting leading him to Nazi gold. You might not know that from the trailer, which feels like a brief introduction that will continue in a series of ads: here's a goofball who the audience will grow to love! Depp's latest affectation here is meticulous mustaches.
MOVIE NEWS Gabe Toro 2014-08-12
Watch 40 Of Your Favorite Actors Auditioning For Iconic Roles
In the world of Hollywood actors, roles come and go like earthquakes. Audition tapes, on the other hand, tend to stick around like the paparazzi.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-08-11
Why Is Robert Englund Transforming Into Freddy Krueger One Last Time?
From the darkest corners of our minds, a monster has resurrected himself. Only this time, Freddy Krueger's not trying to kill you in your dreams. No, this time he's working to save a drive in theater. Undoubtedly in a plot to seed your dreams with his visage, and THEN kill you in your dreams! Clever.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-08-11
John Cusack Is Here To Steal Your Kids In Reclaim Trailer
The internet has democratized information, which means you can't scare anyone with urban horror stories - like the one about an adoption agency that re-adopts kids for a ransom price. Fortunately, there are movies like Reclaim that come along ready to scare the bejesus out of any would-be parent thinking of adoption. Beware Ė your Third World child might just be bait to allow John Cusack to capture and torture you!
MOVIE NEWS Gabe Toro 2014-08-10
Guardians Of The Galaxy Shows Off Some Badass Weaponry In New Featurette
With Guardians of the Galaxy having finished its second weekend with an astonishingly small 56% drop from its record setting opening, Marvel is celebrating with the release of this new behind-the-scenes look at the epic comic book movie/space adventure. There's a ton of great stuff on display, but the highlights are the weapons held by the lead characters, namely Star-Lord's blasters:
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-10
The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Extended Edition Clip Has Bilbo Crossing A Dangerous Swamp
The scene shows Bilbo being used as a guinea pig for the group's safe passage, only for the dwarves to fall prey to the cursed waters of the darkened forest. Fans will remember that similar waters plagued the journey of Frodo, Sam, and Gollum through the Dead Marshes in The Two Towers.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-08-07
This Trailer For The Homesman Will Get You Back On Board With Westerns
This is Jones' second film as a director, and he's lined up a helluva cast. In addition to him and two-time Oscar winner Swank, he's got Grace Gummer, Miranda Otto and Sonja Richter as the three troubled women. Beyond that, things get real loaded: John Lithgow, Tim Blake Nelson, William Fichtner, Jesse Plemons and Ultron himself James Spader are onboard.
MOVIE NEWS Gabe Toro 2014-08-07
Citizen Kane Gets The Drunk History Treatment With Jack Black
When Orson Welles made Citizen Kane back in the early 1940s, it was considered one of the most controversial Hollywood movies ever made - though not because of violence, foul language, sex or nudity. Rather it was because the film's fictional central subject, Charles Foster Kane, was loosely though obviously not-so-lovingly based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper magnate who also happened to be one of the most powerful and influential people in America.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-06
Watch Boyhood: The Cute Kitten Version
All of this is an excuse for us to bang the drum a little harder, and a little longer, for Boyhood. As we mentioned earlier, it is one of the yearís best movies. Itís in theaters now, so you have no excuse if you havenít seen it yet.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-08-06
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Reveals 2 Action And Drama-Heavy Deleted Scenes
Thanks to its $94 million opening weekend, the Marvel Studios film that everyone is talking about this week is James Gunnís Guardians of the Galaxy. But letís not forget that the comic book company also released another absolutely fantastic film earlier this year: Joe and Anthony Russoís Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-05
New Guardians Of The Galaxy Featurette Takes You On A Tour Of Star-Lord's Ship
I think we can all agree that the MTV Cribs motif for this new Guardians of the Galaxy featurette is just a tad bit tired, but considering it gives us a behind the scenes look at an awesome spaceship and some time with star Chris Pratt, I think we can let it slide.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-05
See Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne From Batman v. Superman Set: How Old Is He?
Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is currently in production in Michigan, and a lucky bystander has out first look at some video showing us just what Ben Affleck looks like as Bruce Wayne. Apologies to those looking for more Sad Batman meme fodder.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-08-05
Watch Chris Pratt Predict His Future Role In Jurassic World Back In 2009
Have you ever had one of those moments where you joked about an opportunity that you'd always dreamed of, only for it to come true later down the road? Chris Pratt had one of those moments while he was on Parks And Recreation, and it's resurfaced thanks to the almighty internet!
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-08-04
The Avengers 8-Bit Version Remakes The Marvel Film In 3 Minutes
Before Guardians of the Galaxy came to steal our hearts and dominate the summer box office, Marvel gave us The Avengers, a movie stuffed to the brim with bonkers action sequences. But just in case you ever wondered what The Avengers would look like as an old-school, 8-bit video game, we've got you covered.
MOVIE NEWS Kristy Puchko 2014-08-04
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