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One Big Difference Between DC And Marvel Movies, According To Joss Whedon
The Marvel Cinematic Universe appears to be carrying one with little to no problems at this point. While DC's Extended Universe is still fairly new, Joss Whedon thinks he's seen enough of it to really understand the different ways the two companies go to market.
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Black Panther Has Added A Ready Player One Actor, But In What Role?
The cast of Marvel's Black Panther is already one of the most impressive in recent memory. However, if you thought they were done, you'd be wrong.
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The New Character Tyler Perry Plans To Bring To The Madea Franchise
In the Madea movies, Tyler Perry has been known to take a page out of Eddie Murphy's playbook. In addition to playing the "mad black woman" that made him famous, he has also regularly played two other characters in the movies -- specifically Joe (Madea's brother), and Brian (Joe's son).
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How Bruce Springsteen Almost Contributed To The Harry Potter Movies
When you think of folks who could have contribute to the Harry Potter franchise, Bruce Springsteen probably doesn't come to mind. Well, as weird as it may sound, he did almost contribute to the movies.
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Godzilla 2 Has Finally Found Its Writers
While Godzilla 2 is an important project for Warner Bros and Legendary Picture, it's taken a little longer to get off the ground. Fortunately for fans of the monster, the sequel has finally hired its writers.
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Joss Whedon Wants To Direct A Star Wars Movie
For a while, it seemed like Joss Whedon wasn't interested in jumping onto another franchise. However, now he has expressed interest in directing a Star Wars movie, but on one condition.
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The Truth About Wolverine's Healing Factor In Logan
Director James Mangold has set the record straight on what the deal is with Wolverine's healing factor next year in Logan.
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Why Deadpool’s Edgy Marketing Campaign Worked So Well, According To Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds has figured out why Deadpool's marketing campaign worked so well. And the answer isn't synergy.
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The 6 Badass Moments From The Logan Trailer That Are Still Blowing Our Mind
The Logan trailer has finally dropped! Check out the six badass moments from the preview that we still can't get enough of.
Could Marvel's Illuminati Ever Show Up In The MCU? Kevin Feige Thinks This
In the comics, Doctor Strange has been a part of many different groups, including The Avengers, The Defenders and the Midnight Sons -- but certainly one of the most significant is The Illuminati.
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Watch Pixar’s Brilliant New Short, Which Absolutely Is Not Meant For Kids
The latest Pixar short film, Borrowed Time, is definitely not for children, but it is still as beautiful and sensational as we've come to expect from the studio.
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Why Inferno Plays Like A Horror Movie, According To Ron Howard
The Oscar-winning director of A Beautiful Mind, Splash and Apollo 13 dabbles in horror for the first time with stark imagery that serves the story, but also gives Howard the chance to flex his creative muscles.
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Upcoming Horror Movie Sequels: The Latest On Our Favorite Killer Franchises
Check out our handy guide to get a status update on the upcoming sequels for all of your favorite horror franchises!
Wolverine Rumors That The Logan Trailer Just Confirmed
Seeing as how everything we thought we knew about Logan was rumor and hearsay up until the trailer dropped, let's run through the key facts that have been confirmed by our first Logan trailer.
Netflix New Releases: Full List Of What's Coming In November
We have the list of movies and TV shows set to become available streaming on Netflix for the month of October. Check it out to see what's going to be available.
On Which X-Men Timeline Does Logan Exist? Here's What We Think
Watching the first Logan trailer has me continuing to question something that's been bugging me for the last two weeks, when the uptick in news about the spinoff began: on which timeline does this movie exist?
JJ Abrams Explains What's Really Happening In Rey's Forceback Scene From The Force Awakens
A newly released commentary track from J.J. Abrams has shed some new light onto Rey's vision during the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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Tilda Swinton Teases A Mysterious Planet In Doctor Strange, Here's What That Could Mean
Doctor Strange is a movie that promises to a lot of new and different things within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, a comment from Tilda Swinton has us thinking that it might wrap in a more familiar place.
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The Marvel Villain Mark Ruffalo Auditioned to Play Before He Was Cast As The Hulk
Mark Ruffalo is now known to movie fans far and wide as The Incredible Hulk. However, it was very nearly the second comic book role he played, though he lost out in his bid to play the first.
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Ryan Lochte Just Booked His First Movie Gig Because He's An Actor Now I Guess
Ryan Lochte has become almost as big a name in Olympic sports as Michael Phelps, though not for all the same reasons. The swimmer is trying to bounce back from some bad PR, and he's looking to Hollywood to do it.
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The 6 Badass Moments From The Logan Trailer That Are Still Blowing Our Mind
Upcoming Horror Movie Sequels: The Latest On Our Favorite Killer Franchises
Wolverine Rumors That The Logan Trailer Just Confirmed

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