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Pitch Perfect And Snow White And The Huntsman Sequels Coming In 2015
Universal Pictures kicked off their Cinema Con presentation with a remarkable mea culpa, admitting that Battleship was a failure and even that they never should have criticized people who predicted it would be a flop. But they also quickly moved on to the bright side, announcing sequels for two of their biggest hits of the past year, and one of them a complete out-of-the-blue surprise that has earned a sequel they probably never thought it would get
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2013-04-16
Video Interview: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis And Charlie Day Talk Horrible Bosses
The three star in the film as three moron buddies who plot to kill their employers who torture them: Sudeikis works for the pompous Kevin Spacey, Day for the sexually abusive Jennifer Aniston, and Bateman for Colin Farrell, who is both obnoxious and sporting the world's worst fake combover
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-04-04
Cinema Con Video Blog: Revelations About Harry Potter And Green Lantern At Warner Bros. Panel
The last big studio presentation of Cinema Con came from Warner Bros., where they presented a bunch of clips and new trailers for the highlights of their summer movie season, including the final Harry Potter film, the comedies Horrible Bosses and The Hangover Part II
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-04-01
Cinema Con Interviews: Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Talk Green Lantern
I asked Reynolds about selling the movie to the audience that might be unfamiliar with the comics, particularly after seeing him recite the Green Lantern oath at Comic Con last year, and also the experience of watching the all-CG suit come together. With Lively I started off with a little girl talk
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-31
Cinema Con: James Cameron Says 3D Conversion Isn't For Every Film, Wants You To Do It Right
Cameron had some surprisingly sharp words for the post-conversion 3D process, even though he's at work converting Titanic as we speak. he reiterated that it takes 6-8 months at minimum to do a proper job with post-conversion, and without naming names, said that with quicker jobs "You're not getting 3D, you're getting 2.2D."
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-30
Cinema Con: The Help Brings History, Humor, And Female Strength To Summer Movie Season
I caught up with the four leads after the presentation for a quick interview and asked them about that sweat-- Howard, for one, did not hesitate to talk about exactly what kind of sweat you'll be seeing in the film. We also talked about what we can expect from the movie- and which of their co-stars they expect to totally steal the film out from under them
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-30
Cinema Con Video Blog: Getting Excited About Pirates, Cars And Especially Muppets
For my thoughts on the rest of the presentation, which included full scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Cars 2, check out the video blog below, in which Penelope Cruz looms somewhat ominously thanks to the bank of posters I'm standing in front of
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-29
Cinema Con Video: Jason Segel And Amy Adams Bring Old-Fashioned Optimism To The Muppets
Segel did reveal some of the places we find the Muppets when they're down on their luck-- Miss Piggy is holed up in Paris, and Fozzie has fallen on hard times doing a terrible comedy act in Reno, Nevada. When I caught up with him later and asked specifically about the Swedish Chef-
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-29
Cinema Con Exclusive Video: Hugh Jackman Talks Real Steel, Being Wolverine For The Rest Of His Life
I asked him about how different this film's tone might be from those comedies, how much of an all-ages movie Real Steel might be, and pressed them for details about the film's "hero robot" Atom, who is brought up out of a junkyard by Jackman's character and his son
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-29
Cinema Con Video Blog: What I Learned About Captain America And Thor
They had all kinds of talent on hand tonight to talk it up, ranging from Thor himself Chris Hemsworth and Kung Fu Panda 2 voice star Jack Black (who did some kung fu right there on the stage) to multihyphenate J.J. Abrams, who gave the same presentation
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-29
Cinema Con: We've Seen Hawkeye In Thor And It's More Than A Walk On
We’ve heard rumors of big cameos happening in Thor, but until now we’ve never been able to confirm them. Tonight though, Cinema Blend’s own Katey Rich saw footage from Thor at Cinema Con and we can confirm that at least one other superhero character is in, and we've seen him.
Cinema Con CB 2011-03-28
Cinema Con In Photos: New Images, Posters, Title Treatments And More
In the gallery below you can check out brand new images from upcoming Fox films like The Sitter, We Bought a Zoo, Now, A Big Year and Monte Carlo, plus new title treatments for The Change-Up and Larry Crowne and other posters I thought were worth seeing. I'll be updating the site as new posters show up throughout the week, so make sure to keep coming back!
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-28
Cinema Con: First Look At Caesar In Rise Of The Apes
The first official image focused on human star James Franco, but this is the first look at the main ape, played in a motion-capture performance by Andy Serkis. Check out the photo below-- it's not great, we know, but we'll have to hope for an official version released online soon
Cinema Con Katey Rich 2011-03-28
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